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When it comes to finding the best yoga school in India, Goa is one of the places that come to the mind. Though popular in the West for vacations, the Indian state is also well known for yoga practice, spiritual healing, and spiritual studies. That’s why it is visited by yoga lovers from across the globe for yoga teacher training and retreats in Goa.

Teachers at Alpesh Yoga have taught at the best yoga training institutes of the world and are familiar how a typical day looks like. That’s why we took time to share the same with our readers.

Here is how a typical day at best yoga school of India looks like if you are pursuing yoga teacher training:

Pranayama and mantra chanting

The day starts at 07:00 in the morning with mantra chanting and pranayama. This brings out positive thoughts in the mind and prepares the students for the rest of the day. Meditation and breathing practice is also a crucial part of the morning routine which creates a positive effect on both body and mind.

Since this is the first activity of the day, students are supposed to wake up early to take care of their morning chores & participate in the session that last one and half hour. This routine can be found in all of the best yoga school in India offering 200 hours yoga teacher training.

best yoga school in India

Yoga practice session

Mantra chanting and pranayama session ends at 08:30, and next session brings yoga practice. At Alpesh Yoga, it means alignment based yoga class (Iyengar style) including everyday practice of standing postures. The main aim of doing hatha yoga is to increase physical stamina and mental strength.

Hatha yoga is good for beginners since it gives them a better understanding of yoga poses like forward bending, back bending, inversions, twisting and more. The yoga practice session goes on for at least 2 hours at top rated yoga schools of India.

Breakfast and theory classes

After yoga teacher training class, students are given the time to have breakfast and relax for 30 minutes. After that, next session will be start which is all about yoga anatomy. This theory class is taken by expert yoga teachers and educates students about the Indian mythology, chakra healing, mantra healing, and more.

This session is purely focused on understanding how the human body exactly works and what are the processes going on inside our body. Hence, 200 hrs yoga TT at Alpesh Yoga and other top yoga schools of India is not just about practice yoga; it’s all about something deeper.

best yoga school in India

Lunch break and philosophy session

After lunch break comes another theory session on yoga philosophy. Regular sessions on philosophy are organized to educate students about the real meaning of yoga so that they can learn the complexity of ancient art and teach others as well.

Alpesh Yoga believes learning cannot happen in stressful environment. That’s why we provide regular break after every session.

Hatha yoga and breathing meditation session

Both hatha yoga and meditation are the crucial part of 200 hours yoga teacher training in Goa, India. During practice session at best yoga school in India, students closely understand the concept of yoga with experience teachers to gain deeper clarity of yoga and meditation techniques. This session starts at 16:30 and ends at 18:30.

At Alpesh, we believe that rigorous yoga training and practice helps beginners in starting their journey as a certified yoga teacher. For those who just want to get acquainted with the yoga basics, we also host relaxing yoga retreats in Goa, India.

yoga training in goa

Dinner and bedtime

After the occasional breathing and meditation session at 18:30, the dinner is served around 20:00 and it is time to hit the bed at 22:00. It is important to sleep early to get up in a timely manner next day and immerse yourself in yoga.

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