Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India – 200 Hrs TTC with Alpesh Yoga

Alpesh Yoga welcomes everyone to another season of 200 hours yoga teacher training Goa! This blog will help yoga beginners, aspiring teachers, and experienced practitioners get a better clarity of our Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course, Goa, India.

Alpesh Patwari, the founder of Alpesh Yoga, started practicing yoga and meditation 22 years ago to deal with his own health problems. He completed his yoga teacher training from many spiritual gurus before starting his career as a yoga teacher. Alpesh Yoga is currently one of the most recognized yoga teacher training center in Arambol, Goa.

Yoga teacher training Goa – Course overview

Our 200 hours yoga teacher training course in Goa, India helps students gain mastery of hatha yoga (Iyengar style), pranayama, breath work, and much more. During our yoga TTC, Goa, aspiring yoga teachers and wellness enthusiasts are introduced to yoga asanas and sequences that cover vast range of modifications & poses. In short, our yoga teacher training course helps expand the potential of body and mind.

Our 200 hours Teacher Training Course in Goa, India provides better understanding of yoga rules &principles which is a must for a yoga teacher and practitioner. Our approach to yoga TTC has earned us 5 star reviews on Facebook.

yoga teacher training Goa, India

Yoga TTC, Goa – Iyengar style

Our yoga TTC is not only perfect for yoga beginners who want to explore a career in the ancient practice but also suitable for healing and experienced practitioners. At Alpesh Yoga, we practice Iyengar style which is popular among people with physical health issues and old injuries.

Our main focus during yoga teacher training course is on alignment in the body which allows each individual to build strength and flexibility. Alpesh has been teaching Hatha yoga in the tradition of Iyengar from many years while focusing on body alignment and breathing. At Yoga Alliance certified  Alpesh Yoga, students learn how to handle bodily limitations while practicing yoga positions and grow their practice of yoga as a teacher and trainer.

Yoga teacher training Goa– Everyday schedule 

200 hours teacher training daily schedule at Alpesh Yoga starts at 7 in the morning with Pranayama and mantra chanting. Yoga trainers also conduct meditation along with 2 hours of Hatha yoga class (Iyengar style) to get the alignment right for students.

200 hours yoga TTC at Alpesh Yoga, Goa helps students to start their yoga journey with right insights. Throughout the day, students are engaged in various yoga and learning activities that cover philosophy, anatomy, healing, yoga practice, and much more. Check out the complete schedule of yoga teacher training in Goa, India.

yoga teacher training goa


Upcoming yoga teacher training courses, Goa

Alpesh’s chapter of yoga teacher training Goa is unfolding currently on Arambol Beach and attracting yoga students and wellness seekers from across the world.

Here is the schedule of Yoga TTC in Goa:

  • 7th November to 2nd December, 2017 (Goa)
  • 4th December to 30th December, 2017 (Goa)
  • 3rd January to 29th January, 2017 (Goa)
  • 3rd February to 2nd March, 2017 (Goa)

Besides yoga teacher training in Goa, India, our yoga school is also hosting 1 & 2 weeks yoga retreats for yoga lovers who want to improve their overall practice in a short span of time during their stay in Goa.

Connect for yoga TTC, Goa

Alpesh Yoga is one of the best yoga teacher training centers in Goa, India and hence receives yoga lovers from across the world. Call +91-9736 463 605/ +91-7719878500 or drop an email at to discuss your queries about yoga TTC, courses on offer, pricing, accommodation, and much more.

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