Yoga Intensive Course

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Yoga Intensive Course

7 day therapeutic - and fun! - journey, you will be introduced to a number of exercises, techniques and healing practices to improve your health and general well-being. The ancient practice of yogic breathing techniques is a form of meditation using breath control, and visualizations to increase well-being and to reduce stress. In Alpesh´s yoga classes you work on your body alignment using props for better results. . Yoga postures (asanas) – to obtain physical vitality, mental clarity, subtle body awareness, and corect body alignment. Breathing techniques (pranayama) – aimed at self-healing, both physically and psychologically.

Health benefits
Combined, these practises offer numerous health benefits, including greater focus, improved creativity, increased energy levels, greater happiness and a natural relaxation into the present moment. Talk to Alpesh about any specific health problems so he can offer you a tailor-made program.

What will you learn?
With the intensive course you will gain knowledge of, and experience in meditation techniques - to quiet the mind, to heighten awareness and to be present in this moment.

Hatha Yoga Iyengar Style Course

In Alpesh´s yoga classes you work on your body alignment using props for better results. Besides extensively practicing various yoga asanas, you will gain knowledge of correct body alignment and are motivated to integrate the practice of Hatha Yoga into your daily routine. The classes are strict, intensive and filled with fun. Expect to be working hard and to leave refreshed, energetic, and with a calm state of mind. Three daily yoga classes and one breathing class, offer you the chance to get acquainted with Alpesh's teaching methods in Hatha Yoga Iyengar style and Pranayama breath-work. All levels are welcome, and if you wish, you can extend your first class into one of the courses.

Schedule Daly Class

  • 08.30 – 10.00 am Yoga General Class
  • 10.10 - 11.45 am Yoga Beginners Class
  • 16.00 – 17.30 pm Yoga Beginners Class
  • 18.30 – 20.00 pm Meditation​ Class