100 Hours Advance Alignment Yoga Teachers Training Course

Learn highlights of course

If you are a professional yoga teacher with some experience in teaching students, you can join this intuitive course. The highlights of the course include:

 Modifications in yoga asanas

Yoga anatomy

Advanced sequencing

Use of props

Yoga philosophy

Ethics as a yoga teacher

Mind-body awareness and confidence

Instant feedback and support

Total transformation

The course has been designed in keeping with Intensive alignment yoga course
traditions. Anybody who has completed a teacher training course in other styles can also enrol for the course. Intensive alignment yoga course helps to correct your postural problems and also improves your balance. After undergoing the alignment sessions as a part of Intensive alignment yoga course traditions, you will also be at peace with yourself.

Taking this amazing course as a professional, will refine your yoga practice and you will learn many valuable lessons. You will get the required certification, to teach advanced yoga and you will become a confident yoga trainer.

How to do alignment of asanas?

Yoga asana alignment refers to how the muscles are integrated with one another, and how bones are stacked so that the body gets maximum support for movement during yoga. The main aim of a good postural alignment is to create a strong foundation with your body, so that you can provide adequate support to your back, appendages, and the head.

You can do the alignments right while practicing yoga, by engaging the core muscles. The core muscles are the muscles in your abdomen and entire torso. You basically get a ‘hugged-in’ feeling, when you concentrate on the core areas.

You will learn how to use props according to Intensive alignment yoga course. Once you learn this, you can apply the same to your teachings.

When you are doing a posture at our school, that requires you to distribute the weight equally, root downward through the soles of your feet. It will help to create depth and stability.

Additionally, you will learn to draw your belly inside, and move the tailbone down.

In another scenario, when you have your hands on the ground for a pose, you must spread the fingers properly for support.

No matter what yoga asana you are doing, you need to involve your entire body. To know more, join the 100 hours advance alignment yoga TTC in Alpesh Yoga.

100 Hour YTTC in Goa
100 hours yoga teacher training course goa

Yoga therapy

We offer yoga therapy, which is an amalgamation of yoga asanas, Pranayama, meditation, and other yogic kriyas, in line with the lineage of Intensive alignment yoga course It helps you to improve your mental and physical health. The main focus of Intensive alignment yoga course
therapy is the total integration of the three planes of existence – mind, body, and soul. You will experience holistic wellness, as you move through the course.

You can also utilize Intensive alignment yoga course therapy for self-care, and for the prevention and maintenance of health. It is a well-proven technique for mental ailments like depression and nervous disorders. We practice yoga therapy in Intensive alignment yoga course, wherein you are supposed to hold the poses for a considerable amount of time. The various treatment plans that we use, depends on the body and mind condition of the subject.

All the exercises that are incorporated as a whole in yoga therapy, help to maximize the synchronization between the mind and body. At Alpesh Yoga, we have the right approach towards yoga therapy for the betterment of your entire existence. Intensive alignment yoga course is a sub-division of Hatha Yoga, which prioritizes the physical alignment of the body, over all else. We maintain consistency, as the key to perfection.

How to use props

As you may know, B.K.S. Iyengar, is one of the most influential yoga teachers in the history of yoga. He taught yoga for more than seventy-seven years. He studied Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras extensively and developed a styel of his own.

    According to him, alignment is not just alignment of the body along a central plane. However, it is a point of equilibrium for the mind, body, and breath. Initially, he used to support the new students at his class with his own body. But as the number of students grew, he started using household props.

    With the use of such props, he found out that students lost their fear. Their confidence also increased manifold. The students started feeling at ease, in their yoga sessions.

    Some of the most common advance alignment props are yoga blocks, blankets, towels, straps, belts, books, chairs, yoga wheels, bolsters, cushions, or anything that you can lay your hands on at home.

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    Health benefits

    If you practice correct alignments in yoga, you will be able to get several benefits. It helps in improving the posture, without unnecessary strain and stress. This helps in the maintenance of spine health. It also leads to a safer yoga practice. Moreover, you become more aware of the body. You will be able to develop a strong mind-body connection. It also maximises the benefits derived from any pose. You will also be able to build a better foundation, which is helpful in the long run. Anybody, who suffers from chronic illnesses, injuries, and postural defects, are candidates for this course.

    Yoga secrets

    At Alpesh Yoga, in the 100 hours advance alignment yoga TTC, you will learn about the secrets of yoga. Exercising your body is considered to be very important in the realm of yoga. As most people lead sedentary lives, due to easy access to LCD TVs, mobiles, remotes, and automation, it has become very necessary.

    You must also ensure to hit bed at the right time, by refraining from the usage of mobiles and tablets that emit blue light. Moreover, we suggest all to eat when hungry, even when in a hurry. According to yogic scriptures, you should take time to chew your food, so that the body can absorb all the nutrients properly.

    It also helps in showing respect towards food. Yoga also stresses meditation, which helps in calming the mind. A calm mind can make good decisions. Alpesh Yoga also follows the same and encourages the students to make this a part of their life.

    Asana practice
    alignment and adjustment

    Yoga tips

    If you want to lead a healthy life, by incorporating healthy habits, it is important to follow a few yogic tips.

    You should always follow a routine of daily activities.

    Start early in the morning and go to bed on time.

    Be gentle towards others.

    Practice yoga on a light stomach.

    You can achieve better mental clarity, if you set the mood for yoga practice. Use dim lighting, candles, and incense to create a holistic atmosphere.

    Be consistent with your practice.

    How to make yoga sequence

    After you complete the 100 hours advance alignment yoga TTC from Alpesh Yoga, you can create your own yoga sequence. Always create a specific space at home for practice. Calm yourself down, and then start. You can plan a yoga class, according to your ultimate aim. It may be designed for relaxation or for upliftment. Different people have different situations and abilities, so you have to plan accordingly. At Alpesh Yoga, you will learn and master sequencing.

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    How to teach confidently

    At Alpesh Yoga, you will learn to teach yoga confidently. This course is for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge about alignment principles.

    Yoga teachers can expand their knowledge and also refine their teaching skills through this course.

    You must fake confidence, until and unless you have made it.

    Additionally, it is imperative that you breathe properly. Breathing techniques called Pranayama can reduce stress and make you more confident.

    You can also enrol for the course, if you want to diversify into the therapeutic field.

    How to use pranayama as a medicine

    Pranayama is voluntarily regulated specific yoga breathing techniques, which includes breathing with awareness.

    It has been shown to contribute to a physiologic response which is facilitated, by the presence of decreased oxygen consumption, heart rate, and blood pressure.

    Additionally, it is known to increase theta wave amplitude in EEG recordings and increased parasympathetic activity accompanied by the experience of alertness and reinvigoration.

    YTTC Rules
    Yoga Course Principles

    Deep philosophy

    Yoga acts as a holistic approach to living, which incorporates all the human places, namely mental, physical, and spiritual. At its very core, philosophy is based on a set of principles that have the ability to take people towards self-realization.

      The concept of unity and oneness, also assumes a lot of importance in the realm of yoga. Self-discipline is also the key tenets of yoga.

      Yoga will help you to become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. So, you can understand how they affect your life and relationships.

      Yoga philosophy also lays importance on mindfulness and present-moment awareness.

      At Alpesh Yoga, you will get to know about the benefits through the 100 hours advance alignment yoga TTC. You can embark on this holistic journey of self-discovery and well being, with the well-designed Intensive alignment yoga course.

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