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At Alpesh Yoga all our Teacher Trainings are Yoga Alliance Certified

In the last 3 decades, yoga has emerged as a practice that can help you achieve the perfect body and fitness. But yoga is much more than that. For thousands of years, yogis of India have been practicing the art of yoga and meditation to connect with their inner selves and cosmic powers. At Alpesh Yoga, our goal is to introduce participants to the form of yoga practiced and mastered by the enlightened sages of India.

As a Goa & Dharamshala-based yoga school, we help a selected number of students every month to experience the true nature and spirit of yoga through interactive programs and retreats. Whether you wish to master yoga postures, meditation, yoga history, wellness, or teacher training, we have something for you. Join Alpesh Yoga’s yoga teacher training course in Goa and Dharamshala to deepen your spiritual connection with yoga in the traditional Indian way.

We are a Yoga Alliance Certified school registered with Yoga Alliance USA

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Yoga School in goa

200 hours Alignment & Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course In Dharamshala

The course runs over 20 days, to give you time to fully engage in the learning and teaching experience. Our 200-hour yttc will give you a strong yogic practice as well as a clear understanding of yoga anatomy, structural alignment of the physical body through asana practice, and how alignment has therapeutic benefits.  You will also learn how to use props.

300 hours yoga ttc in goa

300 hours Alignment & Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course In Dharamshala

The course runs over 26 days, to give you time to fully engage in the teaching and learning experience. Our 300-hour ttc will give you a strong yogic practice as well as a clear understanding of yoga anatomy, structural alignment of the physical body through asana practice, how alignment has therapeutic benefits, and how to use a range of props.

You will learn how to teach confidently How to teach alignment How to apply therapy for different kinds of health problems.

Yoga School in goa

200 hour Multi Style Yoga TTC in Goa and Dharamshala, India

This yoga teacher training course is ideal for those looking for an intense and inspiring yoga experience. Our experienced teachers will work with you to explain your yoga horizons at our yoga training centers in Goa & Dharamshala, India, and become certified teachers.

300 hours yoga ttc in goa

300 hour Multi Style Yoga TTC in Goa and Dharamshala, India

Join our 300 hours Hatha Intensive alignment yoga course Teacher Training Course in Goa or Dharamshala, India to gain deep yoga know-how. Yoga is a science that has unending possibilities because the more you scratch the more enlightenment you receive!

100 Hour YTTC in dharamshala

100 hour Multi Style Yoga TTC in Goa and Dharamshala, India

Alpesh Yoga School is a registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance USA recognition. We offer 200 Hours of Hatha Intensive alignment yoga course Teacher Training in Goa & Dharamshala, India.  This course is convenient for students who are willing to complete 200 hours course in two semesters.

5 days lyengar yoga

5 Days Intensive alignment Yoga course (Alignment Based)

Alpesh Yoga conducts regular intensive courses in Goa and Dharamshala. We invite you to participate in this residential Intensive alignment yoga course spanning 5 Days which starts every Monday of the week and is designed for Yoga students who are interested in exploring Intensive alignment yoga course and enhancing their Yoga practice.

10-day yoga retreat in dharamshala

9 Days Intensive alignment yoga course (Alignment Based) Course

Alpesh Yoga conducts regular intensive courses in Goa and Dharamshala. We invite you to participate in this residential Intensive alignment yoga course spanning 9 Days which starts every Monday of the week and is designed for Yoga students who are interested in exploring Intensive alignment yoga course and enhancing their Yoga practice.

Twice in a month starting first and third Monday.



Join our comprehensive 5 days Pranayama &  Meditation course in  India Goa/Dharmshala which starts on Monday of every week. You will learn how to do pranayama & meditation for spiritual growth. It is an intensive personal transformation course, taught from a traditional perspective.

Starting every Monday

Daily drop-in yoga classes

Daily Drop-in Yoga Classes

All yoga enthusiasts who want to learn yoga in a short while should enroll in drop-in yoga classes. These classes are designed in to a holistic way to bring about a balance in the mind, body, and soul of all the candidates.

Proper alignment of each asana (Pose)

Therapeutic benefit

how to do every pose correctly
drop-in is designed for learning the alignment of each pose

Getting therapeutic benefit

Don’t just learn yoga – Experience it and grow

Our Yoga Teachers

Meet our teachers, your guides to a transformed you. Each one, a master of their craft, ready to ignite your yoga journey.
Alpesh Patwari

Alpesh Patwari

Founder, Alpesh Yoga

Alpesh started practicing yoga 22 years ago to deal with health challenges. He was struck with Epilepsy at the age of 12 and despite western medicine had to cope with depression, memory loss, and trembling. After conquering his ailments with the help of yoga, he trained as a yoga teacher and started Alpesh Yoga. Today, he is one of the most recognized yoga teachers and instructors in Goa and Dharamshala, India.



The Spiritual Master

Benu has spent much of his life traveling and learning from various spiritual gurus as well as taking formal education and training in various aspects. He has a Diploma in Yoga from Kerala University, India and a Diploma from Bihar School of Yoga. His vast formal education and practical experience give students unique insights into the world of yoga, meditation, and spirituality.



Yoga Teacher

Ms. DURGESH has been practising yoga for more than 15 years, which she acquired through travelling and learning at many traditional and modern yoga schools. She has developed a new perception of philosophy, meditation, and therapeutic yoga as she has practised them deeply.


Alpesh Yoga India

Yoga TTC & retreats in Goa and Dharamshala, India

alpesh yoga teacher

Aplesh Patwari, our founding teacher is ranked as one of the top yoga teachers in India. After acquiring vast yoga experience, he decided to start a yoga school to share his knowledge and wisdom in the art of yoga with all. The result was Alpesh Yoga, a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school in Goa and Dharamshala, India that has been training yoga students in the art of yoga and meditation for over 2 decades now. 

Alpesh Yoga, Dharamshala Himalayas is located in Dharamkot which is a small hill village with religious and yogic relevance. The place is visited by yoga lovers and travelers across the world for its natural beauty, perfect summer climate, and spiritual history. Our Goa-based yoga studio is located in picturesque Arambol, a sleepy village in North Goa with gorgeous beaches and warm culture.

Nature, Yoga, and You

Alpesh Yoga was founded to help people connect with beauty within them as well as around them. That’s why we set up yoga studios in two of the most beautiful locations in India namely Arambol, Goa, and Dharamkot, Dharamshala. Both locations are internationally acclaimed and admired for their natural beauty, pleasant climate, and yoga roots. If Arambol brings isolated beaches, and a warm climate,  Dharamshala brings the magnificence of hills and a slow pace of life.

At Alpesh Yoga, we believe that yoga can be best learned in the lap of nature. That’s why we often plan outdoor yoga training sessions. If you plan to visit us during hot Indian summers, we will be hosting classes in Dharamshala. During the winter season, we shift base to Goa! Check out these photos to glance at our yoga studio in both locations!

nature yoga practice

Student Testimonials

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Ayush BisariaAyush Bisaria
06:06 15 Apr 24
TL;DR : Alpesh sir is very knowledgeable, supportive and pays personal attention to each student. His classes are top notch and course is highly recommended 10/10Full review :A bit of my background. I had been dealing with pre hernia pain for last 18 months. Doctor suggested operation when pain increases. I tried other forms of treatment like ayurved and naturopathy. They helped but none was able to completely guide me in my recovery. All of them suggested yoga for healing and strengthening internal organs.So over a year I tried various forms of yoga but no improvement happened. In fact in some cases the pain increased. As I was running out of options, I met Alpesh sir and explained my situation. He suggested some modified postures and immediately I felt relief. Based on that I decided to join 100 hr yoga course with him.The course was amazing. Alpesh sir is very strict in asana class but with me he was always patient and customised all asanas for me. Infact, my course had 2 more students and Alpesh sir customised asanas for their individual situation as well.Beyond the class, Alpesh sir is very friendly, welcoming and warm. He is very knowledgeable and I learnt so much about my body and about yoga as a holistic philosophy. The other students also were able to resolve their problems with Alpesh sir. The combination of asana, pranayama, meditation and sattvik food along with positive environment worked wonders of all of us.It was fun experience meeting people from different countries as all of us had a common goal to learn yoga. Alpesh Sir and other teachers were able to impart that knowledge with ease and simplicity. One of my favourite class was yoga nidra with Suha.Towards the end of the course, the most incredible thing happened : the pain in my abdomen was gone. This was the first time in 18 months. All of it done in just 10 days. I really wished I had more time to continue learning from Alpesh sir. I am definitely planning to study more with him.I thank Alpesh sir for his support and help in my journey. Highly recommended !!!
00:46 16 Feb 24
I recently completed a yoga program at Alpesh Yoga School, and I am genuinely impressed with the transformative experience it provided. Alpesh is knowledgeable, patient, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for practitioners of all levels. If you're looking for a place to deepen your practice and find balance, I highly recommend this yoga school.
Steve CorbettSteve Corbett
05:33 10 Feb 24
Alpesh is amazing. This was my first time doing yoga properly and I kept going back because he is so loving while at the same time pushing us with love and humour to stay and hold the postures
V. H.V. H.
04:20 06 Feb 24
I completed the 5-day pranayama and mediation course with Alpesh and it was much better than I could have hoped.Alpesh is reliable, responsible and a very good teacher. The lessons were structured and didactically structured.The day began with breathing exercises, followed by 2 hours of Iyengar yoga, and in the afternoon meditation teaching with practical exercises and 1 hour of yoga philosophy were on the schedule. All teachers were very qualified and committed.I can recommend Alpeshyoga with a clear conscience.
Ylva TraxlerYlva Traxler
11:22 29 Dec 23
Alpesh is the very best yoga teacher I ever got the honor of encountering. His knowledge regarding alignment is vast, and his way of teaching is clear and caring. Taking his TTC and drop in classes did not just immensely improve my asana practice, but it also had a profound effect on my emotional and spiritual being. I will always continue to come back to him as a teacher whenever I get the chance. Thank you so very much for everything, Alpesh!
Nadja WaterkampNadja Waterkamp
18:45 17 Dec 23
It was a pleasure and very interesting practicing with Alpesch. He explains the alignment really well and tells you the benefits of the asanas. Iyengar yoga can be very challenging but he also made it fun. I highly recommend practicing with him and getting more insight on iyengar yoga.
Elzė VyElzė Vy
07:04 07 Oct 23
Before coming to Alpesh’s classes I had lots of beliefs about my flexibility and strength - for more than 20 years, it seems, that my mind and body was stuck, blocked… Learning yoga from Alpesh and with Alpesh made me challenge, change those beliefs and most imporantly start believing in myself and my body.Alpesh is teaching with strict love, funky humour and careful eye. Though the morning classes are usually quite big, he finds time to stop a class if someone needs special assistance for a pose. He understands the body and the person and shows to everybody what help / prop is needed to reach the pose. This way you are also able to learn from watching others. Classes are dynamic and the atmosphere is friendly and positive from the people who come.I am holding a very special space in my heart for this teacher and this school - highly recommend for everybody to come and experience 💛
Václav HolendaVáclav Holenda
15:31 06 Oct 23
Smiling, willing teachers you will definitely find in Alpesh. My first public lesson which I took in Dharamkot was with Pincha pose according to Iyengar and I was very happy, that it’s not so difficult how it looks. So try it and I believe that one day I am going to test this school in Goa, because it would help me level up in yoga skills.


Together We Flow: Celebrate the spirit of yoga in a community of practice.

Yoga & Wellness Resources

At Alpesh Yoga, our goal is to create awareness about real yoga and help people learn it in a safe environment. That’s why we find time to create helpful yoga and wellness resources. Read DIY yoga blogs, discover TT resources, and discover helpful material to learn the art of yoga. Want to learn yoga in India? Email our yoga school at to inquire about yoga programs and retreats. 

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course IN Goa

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course IN Goa

Embarking on a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in the serene coastal haven of Goa is a transformative journey that extends far beyond the boundaries of physical postures. In the lush green landscapes, this immersive training program delves deep into the ancient...

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