Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Alpesh Yoga has the right to refuse admission to any applicant for the yoga teacher training, retreat courses, or workshops. Problematic students may be allowed to attend the sessions, at the discretion of the school management. The school mandates that students have a stable internet connectivity, computer system, and mobile phone.


Alpesh Yoga takes the privacy and security of our students and their personal information very seriously.  Personal information that is collected by the school is submitted to the Indian Government for documentation and by our school for student registration.  Information will not be distributed to a third party, whatsoever.

Information submitted to Alpesh Yoga may be shared with the administrative staff and yoga teachers solely for the purpose of seamless course design, administration and teaching.

All yoga students understand that Alpesh Yoga engages in social media networking, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube etc. as part of the social media and digital marketing strategies. This may involve sharing of the class/ student photos and videos online. However, Alpesh Yoga assures every student, that the activity will be in good light, and with proper precautions in place.

Alpesh Yoga can contact the graduates, after the completion of the course, for workshops and retreats. The school may also contact students after they have left, for job opportunities. This will require the use of the stduent’s contact details.  If students are uncomfortable with this, please make this information available to the administration on enrolment itself.

Policy Modification

Alpesh Yoga reserves the right to alter the policies along with terms and conditions, after reviewing them, from time to time. All the revised norms will be intimated to the students, and will be posted on the website. So, students are advised to check the website from time to time.

Course Modification

Alpesh Yoga also reserves the right to alter the course structure as per discussion with Yoga Alliance. The school also has complete and wholesome rights to change the class schedules, depending on the availability of certified and experienced yoga teachers on premise.

Refund And Cancellation Policy


1. General Cases

On receiving the acceptance email, the applicant shall pay a non-refundable advance deposit for the course. A confirmation email will be sent out to the applicant with details of remaining course fee that is due on arrival in India.  The deadline shall be intimated well in advance. Alpesh Yoga reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrolment in the course when the student fails to make timely payments.

If applicant withdraws from the course after acceptance, but before the course starts, the applicant cannot seek refund, but can only reschedule the course to a period within 6 months. The course booking will expire after the mentioned timeframe. Moreover, the availability of seats at a later date will also be taken into consideration. No refund shall be made by the school, partial or full, under any circumstances.

2. Misconduct

If the student is removed from the course for bad conduct, no refund will be made. Such conduct is a violation of the terms and conditions as accepted by the students, before starting the course. It is solely the liability of the student.


3. Special Cases

In case a student needs to leave the course midway, due to illness, accident, death in the family, or other cases, which hinders the student’s ability to complete the course, the school may allow the student to reschedule full course at a future date within 6 months on humanitarian grounds.  The documents shall have to be submitted in proof of the same and after the scrutiny of the school management team the changes shall be done. The charges for student’s stay for the partial duration of the course will have to be borne by the student.

Rules and Regulations

The below laid rules and regulations are applicable to all the students who join yoga teacher training at Alpesh Yoga in Goa and Dharamsala. By booking the course, it is deemed that all students have gone through the rules and regulations and accept the same. The main purpose is to ensure a safe and secure learning environment, where both students and teachers can thrive in a nurturing environment. These norms to the class hours and the non-class hours.

  • As a student, I agree to adopt the norms laid down by Alpesh Yoga. I will embrace the yoga teacher training course in accordance with the guiding principles of learning yoga. I understand, that the sessions will be long and I shall have to attend the same, without complaining, to develop the yogic habits.
  • I am fully responsible for my health, and have already gone through a medical check-up before enrolling for the course. I further state that, if any injury happens during the course of the sessions or after classes, I shall not hold Alpesh Yoga responsible.
  • I completely understand, that the school is registered under Yoga Alliance. The rules laid down by this authoritative body mentions full attendance and assignment submission, along with appearance in the final examination, to be eligible for the certificate.
  • I will not download or record any of the sessions, without knowledge of the teachers, management, and other students. Moreover, I will not publish or post any of the same online in any form.
  • The fee structure which has been discussed and finalized will remain constant. There will be no request from my end to alter the same. If I am availing EMIs, I agree to pay the same at the mentioned time. Failure to do so can lead to my removal from the course.
  • I will embrace the cultural and traditional diversity in the classes, and shall in no manner create any nuisance regarding the same. If the management finds me manipulating or creating hindrance in the path of yogic knowledge in any manner, I may be dismissed. And, in such cases, no refund shall be requested for.
  • The inclusions along with course delivery, study materials, and accommodation has been agreed upon, on enrolment. In case, I require any other any more amenities, then I shall have to arrange the same myself, at my own cost.
  • As a student, I am aware that I must complete the course before asking for certification. However, if any mishap befalls my family, or in case of any emergency, if I have to leave the course midway, no refund shall be asked for from the school.
  • I understand, that Yoga Alliance mandates the submission of assignments and completion of the papers in the final examination, without which, I may not be entitled to the certification.
  • As a student, I understand that issues may arise during the classes. I agree to handle the same in a professional and mature manner, and shall also discuss the same with the management and teachers. I respect the privacy of the teachers and management, and will ensure that such discussions will only happen during office hours.
  • I agree to the school recording videos and taking pictures during classes and on excursions. If any assistance is required from my side, I will definitely collaborate.
  • I will abide by the rules laid down by the school, in terms of alcohol consumption and the usage of other addictive substances. This applies to both class as well as non-class hours.
  • I agree to remain on a vegetarian diet like all the other students, both on premise and outside, during the tenure of the classes.
  • I agree to remain committed to the course, and shall not engage in any unruly activity, like late night partying and other entertainment that may hamper my mental stability and thereafter, my learning.
  • I understand that rooms have already been assigned for the residential students, and no change of rooms without intimation to the management is allowed.
  • No outsider, friend, or relative is allowed to stay in the student accommodation. If the incumbent visits, then the same has to be intimated well in advance. The charges if any for stay, shall be borne by the person concerned.
  • As a student of Alpesh Yoga, I understand that attendance in live sessions is necessary. However, if I am unable to do so, due to illness or some other issue, then I will watch the recordings without fail. Moreover, I am aware that the recordings are available for 20 days, starting from the first day of the class.

General Terms


As a student, I agree to have read and accepted the rules and regulations, terms and conditions, and guidelines of Alpesh Yoga. I am agreeing to abide by the same, at my free will.



  • The school has communicated all the information regarding the fee schedule and the refund & cancellation policies. If I have to leave the course midway, no refund shall be asked for from the school. However, I understand, that I can request for a change of dates.
  • The airport pick-up can be discussed and scheduled at the time of registration.
  • The Early Bird discount of 50 Euros applies if the fee is paid 60 days in advance.


Disclaimer – The school reserves the right to change and update the fee structure from time to time. However, you are assured that if you have booked at a certain price, the course fees remains the same for your booking.

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