200 Hours Advance Alignment Yoga Teachers Training Course

If you want to learn how to adjust and improve your alignments in yoga, and pose perfectly, you must join the 200 hours advance alignment yoga TTC. The advance training program is a cut above the rest, when it comes to professional yoga. Goa and Dharamsala are the two most prominent locations in India, where you can take the blissful journey of yoga forward.

Learn highlights of course

There are umpteen number of reasons, why you should undergo the 200 hours advance alignment yoga TTC at either of our branches in Goa or Dharamsala. You should read about the highlights of the course here.

Expert yoga professionals with decades of experience.

Get access to a comprehensive curriculum.

Get personalized training depending on body type.

All-round transformation – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Personality enhancement

Globally-recognized Certification

How to do alignment of asanas?

Alignment and Iyengar yoga are synonymous with each other. When you talk about the latter, it is inevitable that you think about alignments, at first. The fundamental principles of Iyengar Yoga are balance, symmetry, harmony, and precision.

In the realm of Iyengar yoga, you work on your balance and energy distribution throughout the various body parts. This helps in maintaining the life force.

Along with the balance, your awareness also gets adjusted in this yoga form.

Iyengar Yoga aligns the physical plane of the body with the mental plane. It works through all the five koshas of the body.

General yoga training can make you better, as a practitioner. However, when you are responsible for the attributes of the others, then working on alignments is also required.

100 Hour YTTC in Goa
100 hours yoga teacher training course goa

At Alpesh Yoga, you will learn:

How to stack your joints in one line. The joints must be aligned vertically without fail, with the knees also placed within the perimeters of the body.

A neutral spine alignment is also very crucial for both yoga practitioners and teachers. Learn how to engage your core, to gain the perfect stance.

As a rule of thumb, you should always aim to bend forward from the hips, to avoid rounding the back. Keeping the back as straight as possible, leads to the perfect alignment.

For the legs, you should ensure to keep the heels aligned over the toes.

At Alpesh Yoga, you will learn in detail about hand alignments as well. Spreading the fingers, while supporting the body on it helps in the distribution of weight.

We help build yoga alignment as a habit. Start exploring the realm in practical and theory, only at Alpesh Yoga.

yoga teacher training goa

Yoga Therapy Class At Alpesh Yoga

Iyengar yoga is depicted by precision, as well as alignment in the execution of the various poses. The sequence in which you practice and the timings are also quite important in the realm of Iyengar yoga. You will learn various other forms as well. However, alignments remain a top priority, no matter which yoga style you do. It is not just postural alignment, but body awareness as well, which assumes a lot of importance.

We offer regular guided practice, whose effects revolve around a general feeling of wellbeing and better psychological health.

    How To Use Iyengar Props?

    Props are very common in our Iyengar class. They tend to make the poses more accessible for beginners. You can use yoga blocks, bolsters, cushions, blankets, and straps to better your poses. In the realm of Iyengar yoga, you will be holding the poses for some time.

      yoga teacher training goa
      alpesh yoga 100 hour yttc

      How To Do Modification For Students Learning Yoga?

      By modifying yoga poses and using props, you will help your students to move in and out of poses that are challenging. Moreover, it happens in a safe and effective manner. Using well-placed props and modifying poses will also allow you to teach challenging multi-level yoga classes in one go, without having to conduct separate batches. 

      For instance, many beginners may have difficulty fully extending their bodies into Triangle Pose. If this happens for your students, you can provide the students with a block or bolster to help support the correct alignment of the spine in the said pose. Additionally, you will be helping them to get benefitted from this modified alignment. You will be able to conduct the sessions in keeping with the safety and integrity of the pose itself.

      If you learn how to modify the yoga poses, in accordance with your student’s abilities, you can safely teach multi-level yoga classes. It is particularly true, when your students may not have the habit to practice yoga on a regular basis.

      Health Benefits

      If you hold each pose for longer, it will strengthen and tone your muscles.

      Yoga can improve flexibility.

      Regular practice of this yoga form can help you develop better posture.

      By practicing yoga, you will find a marked decrease in their fatigue.

      It increases the production of a mood-boosting chemicals.

      It also reduces chronic pain.

      Its regular practice also decreases blood pressure.

      Asana practice
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      How To Make Yoga Sequence?

      At Alpesh Yoga, we lay great stress on yoga sequences. Here are a few guidelines, which you will likely help you to make those perfect yoga sequences.

      Repeat all the poses two times.

      However, you have room to experiment with the poses, as above. Try out different variations.

      Create a simple sequence of several easy poses.

      You can retrace the poses, back to where you began.

      You can also run a class in the opposite direction.

      You can also work around a theme.

      You can try poses from each category.

      At Alpesh Yoga, we will take you through all such nuances.

      Deep Philosophy

      Iyengar Yoga is based on the principles of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It will ultimately guide you towards pure bliss. The system which we have worked out in co-ordination with other forms, is methodical in nature. We emphasize safety and also promote self-awareness while you learn in the conducive ambience of places like Goa and Dharamsala.

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