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So you’ve decided to set up a morning pranayama routine? Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your mental health and overall well-being! Engaging in pranayama – the practice of controlling and regulating breath – can be a simple yet powerful way to find inner calm and alleviate stress, especially when life presents challenges.

However, establishing a morning pranayama routine requires careful consideration and planning. There are several factors to keep in mind to assure you derive the maximum benefits from your practice. In this blog, Alpesh Yoga – the best yoga school in Bhagsu – will tell you about them!

Ready to explore our list of tips for setting up pranayama practice? Let’s go!

#1 Define the Purpose

Just like you won’t buy a brand-new car without identifying your requirements and explaining your reasons to the seller, setting up a morning pranayama routine also calls for clarity and intention. Take a moment to define the purpose behind developing your pranayama practice.

Reflect on the following questions:

  • Why do I want to start practicing pranayama?
  • Do I seek relief from work-home stress through pranayama?
  • Is establishing a solid foundation for my pranayama practice my objective?
  • Do I aim to cultivate sharper focus through a regular pranayama routine?

By pinpointing the exact reasons why you want to develop a pranayama practice routine, you convey to your mind the significance of this activity. This clarity of purpose will serve as a powerful motivator to stay committed to your practice.

#2 Choose Convenient Time and Comfortable Spot

When it comes to your morning pranayama practice, selecting the right time and a comfortable spot go hand in hand. While you may have already chosen the morning as the most suitable time for your pranayama practice, consider the constraints of a busy day ahead. The time between 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM is deemed as best for making the most of your practice.

Also, create a tranquil environment that fosters calmness. Be it your bedroom, balcony, or backyard, choose a space that brings you joy and peace. Make certain the area is spacious enough for you to lay out your yoga mat and free from distractions.

#3 Practice on Empty Stomach

One crucial tip to keep in mind when setting up your morning pranayama routine is to practice on an empty stomach. We bet most of you right now are wondering, “Why?” That’s because when you practice pranayama on an empty stomach, your mind remains alert, facilitating a heightened state of breath awareness.

This will also help you improve your emotional well-being, memory, learning functions, and sensory perception in the brain. Allow a 2-3 hour gap between your last meal and pranayama practice. This will allow your body to digest and create a conducive environment for your practice.

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#4 Embrace Openness and Non-Judgment

As you embark on your journey of establishing a morning pranayama routine, it’s essential to cultivate an attitude of openness and non-judgment. Remember that learning new breathing techniques takes time and patience. Experts at Alpesh Yoga suggest that any aspect of yoga practice (including pranayama) typically takes around 6-12 weeks to yield noticeable effects.

Therefore, instead of becoming frustrated or disheartened, remind yourself that progress takes time. Embrace the process and continue to put in your best effort. Allow yourself to explore and experiment with different techniques and various times of the day for your pranayama practice.

Above are some valuable tips for setting up a fulfilling morning pranayama routine. There’s no doubt that this practice may present challenges for beginners. But it can enhance your immune system, calm the turbulence of emotions, and dismantle the invisible barriers that stress and unawareness have constructed. The rewards will be truly worth it!

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