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Yoga teacher training reviews

Under the supervision of Mr. Alpesh Patwari, Alpesh Yoga has managed to get best yoga teacher training India reviews and yoga class feedback from students. We have emerged as one of the best yoga teacher training centers in Goa and Dharamshala, India. Our perfectly designed yoga teacher training programs are aptly suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

We feel proud when yoga students and experienced practitioners spread positive yoga teacher training reviews &feedback for our yoga classes all over the world.Experienced yoga teachers, advanced learning methodology, and budget YTT pricing are some of the reasons why we areloved & recommended by thousands of yoga aspirants across the globe.

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Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

Our yoga schools in Goa and Dharamsala, India are one of the top rated in North and South India. Our students have given us 5-star rating on Facebook and positive feedback for yoga classes on various yoga TT booking classes. Here some yoga teacher training India reviews from our YTT students and retreat attendees that will give you a clear idea why Alpesh Yoga is the best in India:

“Alpesh is the best instructor we met in Arambol!” “Massive improvements and a new understanding of yoga.” “”You are just flexible, but it is not yoga” Thank you very much, Alpesh!!!” Alpesh is the best yoga instructor, with which we have encountered in the Arambol, Goa (were in seven yoga schools in Goa). At first glance he didn’t look like a yogi but he is a teacher from God. He not just holds lessons in the form of Flow, I mean the constant shifting of asana but also seeks internal understanding of the asana. Although we’re not rookies and been doing yoga in Berlin in two years, in the first week of being at Alpesh Yoga, it seemed that I’ve never done yoga. Alpesh teaches in Goa in the summer and holds winter classes in Dharamsala. 100% recommendation. Thank you so much Alpesh for a new understanding of yoga.

Sabrina, Berlin, Germany

“How I miss your yoga and Pranayama classes! I feel very lucky that I discovered you on the day I arrived in Arambol, Goa. Or more accurately: you found me studying your yoga school flyer and told me to come the next day. Naturally I obeyed. I had the opportunity to practice 22 days in a row. Yes, that’s every single day I was in Arambol, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss one second of it. I attended intensive yoga classes at the yoga school & felt blissfully in touch with life. Now that I’m home, I am practicing three times a day. Already I notice being more relaxed about things, enjoying life as it comes. To me, this is more than enough reason to continue. Oh, and of course the fact that I enjoy the practice itself so much 🙂 To anyone considering Alpesh Pranayama classes, I would like to say: Go ahead and take class as often as you can! This is a unique opportunity so grab it with both hands. It might well be the beginning of a journey that will change your life.

Fiovoor Fiona, The Netherlands

Many months passed since you opened my ‘Yoga Chakra’ by practicing 2 hours of yoga every day with me and fixed all my back problems (strong as ever!). My left shoulder is back to place and healthy as ever. Thank you for the great job you’re doing at your yoga school! Hope to see you again (maybe next time in beautiful Arambol!)
All the best!


As a person who has been dealing with the body world and movement for over a decade, I would like to recommend a charming and understanding teacher of Iyengar yoga in Bhagsu (Dharamsala).

Jennifer Cohen

I start with Alpesh TTC in May 2017 and I’m very glad I decided to do it with him. Although it took more than 10 years practicing Iyengar yoga centers in my country as Iyengar Yoga Center of Barcelona® where students have some extra equipment and some teachers with a high level of training, can ensure that the Alpesh is an extraordinary professor. During the course, always been open to listening to all students, it is flexible yet demanding, I’ve never seen it leave any student hand, was open to transmit his knowledge without restriction or limit made thank you very, personally has worried the personal problems that each of his students may have had during the course apart from being a teacher was a great friend and esteem and believes that he does. Regarding practice, the style combines classic Iyengar classes typical of media (in this sense I think that would equip the center with a little more material, as good chairs Iyengar) and Flow or Vinyasa style classes, personally I loved that because it breaks the mental routine and gives a lot of variability classes. He has a great knowledge of the technique of Pranayama and we practiced on loan sequences are personalized for each student. Regarding the theoretical study material, I think it could be improved as it is a bit chaotic. It also taught us to a very important fact is that yoga is not only the practice of Asanas, has shown us the importance and power of mantra, meditation, Karma yoga and the Yamas and Nyamas. Finally, the atmosphere was very nice with lots of love, we laughed, we practiced hard and he left to go to Cookie Wal·la Jams sessions in Uper Bagsuh every night (this also recommend it as the Masala Chai Singh’s Corner).

Alex Bru

Greatful is the best way to express my experience at Alpesh the art of breathing & yoga. A combination of having the opportunity to experience and get to know myself through my yoga practise. I highly recommend attending a class with Alpesh, whether it be a yoga class, a philosophy and pranayama, or teacher training – I guarantee that you will learn a lot and have so much fun in the process!

Tal Epshtein

Alpesh is a wonderful teacher. He may appear very strict and maybe a bit arrogant at first, but he *really* knows what he is talking about, and with time you will see how much he cares about his students. His classes are taught in the Iyengar style, and his focus is entirely on the proper muscle engagement that leads you into proper alignment (rather than just the structural alignment of your bones without muscle engagement, as is often the case in more “flowy” Yoga styles that rely more on flexibility). His classes are suitable for all levels – they are challenging for beginners as well as for old practicioners. The use of props makes the asanas accessible to all bodies.Alpesh is also very good at helping you with pains and old injuries and giving you the necessary adjustment.

Christiane Ansorge

Alpesh rocks! My regular yoga practice and my teaching style has definitely being influenced in a positive way by the many things that I learned in his class.

Marco Pino

Alpesh is the best instructor I’ve had in India. He focusses on individual corrections and you can ask heaps of questions. I’ve seen massive improvements in my flexibility and strength in such a short time!

Emma Hawkins

Alpesh is great. I had a great time very recommended if you are interested in YTTC

Yevgeni Shianov

Alpesh, you have taught me something that I use to cope with the roller coaster of life. Yoga breathing has helped me greatly. Thanks Alpesh.

Danielle Richardson

Alpesh, my great yoga and Pranayama teacher. This man was my ‘breathing-yoga’ guru when I was in Arambol back in 2008. A truly life-altering experience for me! I left Arambol, completely cured from my sleep apnea! I highly recommend his classes to anyone. A true Master of the Art of yoga and Breathing!

Herman Brock Jr

In 2009 I met Alpesh in Bhagsu, he gave me private yoga and pranayama lessons. It made a deep impression on me, such a huge effect these simple breathing exercises gave!! When i was ready for another step in my professional life, to do more with pranayama was the first thing on my mind. I contacted Alpesh again (we kept in touch once in a while), and off I went for more training. In Bhagsu again, he convinced me to do a yoga teacher training course combined with pranayama. Wauw, that was a big step for me, a teacher training course. I enjoyed it a lot. As I worked already with older people and I wanted to use the yoga and pranayama for this group, I had a lot of questions what to do with special sicknesses, and physical and mental conditions. Alpesh composed a special program for me, with special teacher, he did everything to satisfy my needs and interests, even mantra singing classes, it was great… Alpesh is a devoted, knowledgeable and fun teacher. Personally I am practicing yoga and pranayama now everyday. This sounds like I am a fanatic, but i am not. I just feel good doing it. I am 48, yoga is for all ages. I am teaching now to people with alzheimer’s disease, and more teaching is to come (the website had some delays). Writing this all down, I realize again how important Alpesh has been for me both personally and professionally. I am so happy with my new shift in career. Many thanks Alpesh, for being my teacher and inspiration!

The yoga retreat with Alpesh was a wonderful experience. It was mainly so because Alpesh is a “born teacher”.He was sincere,understanding, with self respect, and also respectful. There was also a certain sense of humor and flexibilty, especially at watching each student and quickly analysing who is who and what are the needs of the person as well as the group . From the professional side I felt that I can trust him wholeheartedly . During class his clear explantions as well as personal example made me remain focused throughout the session and even surprise myself with my own achievements. Alpesh introduced me to the world of yoga in a way that was very different from what I previously thought I knew. With all respect to the physical side, It was a spiritual experience as well. I wish I could have stayed longer. Returning home I told my family and friends of this unique experience.
Ronit Maoz
Food was excellent. The whole staff was very helpful and I learned so much in a week. Alpesh is a great teacher with a strong attitude. He can also push you to perform better!
Axel Tuliara
The course was beyond amazing. I learned so much more than I expected!
Vlatka Zubak
I still hear Alpesh’s voice in my head as I practice yoga, 2 weeks after returning home from a week’s intensive in Bhagsu. His unique style of “tough love” challenged me to exceed what I thought were my personal limits in yoga. By the end of the week, I was definitely stronger, and more determined to be properly aligned in the poses. Although he demands precision in alignment and your greatest effort throughout the class, his sense of humour and kind heart endears him to all his students. He is extremely approachable and willing to assist or accommodate students if they are having any difficulties or issues. I also benefited very much from our pranayama and chanting sessions which were heart opening to say the least, and healing for the body and mind.
Fay Becks
If you’re looking for an amazing Iyengar teacher while in Bhagsu/Dharamkot/Mcleodganj look no further, Alpesh is your man! His classes are dynamic and challenging and you can tell he really cares about his students. His classes are great for working on alignment in poses as well as learning how to adjust students correctly while teaching. I always look forward to his classes and can’t wait to get back for more. He’s located in bhagsu opposite Magic Tree coffee shop. He does drop in classes every day as well as week long intensive courses. Doooo iiittttt!
Leah Carrol
I recommend Alpesh yoga! He is one of the greatest teacher in India. We can not speak English well, but he studied our language and teach to us by English and Japanese mix. This is so glad to us and I felt he is so welcoming for us. Many yoga teacher teaching for money, but he is different with them, he is a real yoga teacher. Thanks a lot Alpesh.
Eiryo Matayoshi
Almost a year has passed since I meet my yoga teacher Alpesh Patwari Such a good teacher! Thank you Alpesh for the good classes, the humor and the progress you bring in to your students. If you go to India look for him in Arambol or Dharamsala.

Thank you Alpesh for giving such a good knowledge of yoga. I would recommend everybody to go to Alpesh yoga school in Goa, India! Thank you for being so nice and also strict to help me understand yoga concepts and apply on myself. Yoga teachers at Alpesh helped me attain perfection in all the asanas. I understand it clearly now how to use the anatomy in yoga, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your yoga school.



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