Yoga Schools in Goa

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Goa is a popular tourist destination in India. It is located on the western coast of India facing the Arabian Sea. It is surrounded by Maharashtra and Karnataka. Goa is popular among the Indian and foreign tourists alike for its tropical climate, beaches, forests, casinos, water sports, Portuguese architecture churches, and recently for yoga classes.

Yoga Schools in Goa

Goa is home to a number of yoga schools and ashrams providing education and practice in various yoga techniques. These schools offer a choice of various courses from beginner level to advanced levels. The time period of the courses also varies from as short as a couple of hours to as long as a five-hundred hours course. A number of yoga schools in Goa conduct Yoga Teachers Training Classes.

Many of the yoga schools in Goa are certified by Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is an international body for certifying schools which follow a specific set of guidelines in their teacher training classes. These guidelines are made to ensure uniformity of standards and quality education.

There are many yoga schools all over the world. One benefit of learning yoga in India is that the fees are quite less as compared to the other developed countries. Another benefit is that the learning environment is much more vibrant, diverse and active. The feeling of learning yoga in the same place where ancient sages developed and refined the concepts of yoga is incomparable.

Variety of Courses

The yoga schools in Goa provide a variety of Yoga Teachers Training Classes. The list of various Yoga TTC courses, approximate length of the course and the price range for these classes are described below for comparison:

Type of Yoga Course No of Days (Approx) Price Range
100 Hour Yoga TTC 12 500-1500 USD
200 Hour Yoga TTC 24 1000-2600 USD
300 Hour Yoga TTC 28 1800-2300 USD
500 Hour Yoga TTC 52 3000-4000 USD
Specialized Yoga TTC 7 400-800 USD

The above details may vary for different training schools and the price may also vary depending upon the type of accommodation and facilities provided by the institute. Most of the yoga schools in Goa are run by professionals. The schools are certified by Yoga Alliance and the participants are also eligible to get a teacher’s certificate from the alliance on based on a certificate provided by the yoga school on successful completion of the course. Still, it is advised to the participants to ensure the credibility of the yoga school they are applying for. The credentials of a yoga school and the courses it is providing can be verified at

Various subjects covered (but not limited to) in the curriculum of Yoga Teachers Training Courses shall include the following subjects:

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Kriyas
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Promoting Yourself

Yoga school in Rishikesh

200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Learning Environment

Goa is a wonderful place. The majority of the local population understands English and the food is full of variety and taste. There is a number of places to visit on holidays. The schools are located in peaceful areas in the natural setting of beach or forests. In fact, many yoga schools located near the seaside take some classes on the beaches as well.

A typical day in yoga school starts at 06:00 am in the morning and ends at about 22:00 hours on weekdays. Sundays are generally holidays. The properties on which schools are located provide comfortable accommodation, spacious and airy classrooms, practice areas, provision of electricity, hygienic food, and clean water. Participants may also inquire about other facilities like free wi-fi, security cameras, and pick-up from the airport. There are many positive testimonials by students who have completed yoga teachers training courses at Goa about the quality of training they have received, the teachers and the facilities provided by the yoga schools.

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